Bell Jar Systems

Willson Scientific can incorporate a Glass or Stainless Steel Bell Jar into a system. These systems can be the simplest units like the bench models with manual valves and 1 CFM pumps, to the fully automatic 1800 LPS pumps. Systems can include: Turbo, Cryo or Ion pumps backed by oil free scroll or wet mechanical pumps. Manual/Automatic valve controllers, Automatic gauge controllers, Electro Pneumatic/Manual valves, electrical, sensor, LN2, water or gases, Feedthrus. Hot/Cold plates with electric heaters and cooling by LN2 or refrigeration. Small bell jars can be lifted by hand, larger units need counter-weight, or counter weight with electric hoist system. Let WSG Quote you on a system that will work for you.
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Manual System
Small Bell Jar and Base
Plate with manual valves

12" x 18" Tall Bell Jar System
with Counter Weighted Hoist
12"OD x 10" Tall SS Bell Jar
with 10" view port System
belljar3.jpg (14654 bytes)
belljar4.jpg (13812 bytes)
24" OD x 24" Tall SS Bell Jar
with a 12" Quartz view port
20" OD x 20" Tall SS Bell Jar with
Collar and Hot/ Cold plate System

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