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Varian Ion Source

Part # 0981-82850-301 Tungsten
Part # 0981-82850-302 Thoriated Iridium
WSG offers an Exchange program for your Ion Source, or we will rebuild your Source. Ion Sources are hand cleaned, polished, aligned and assembled so every source will perform with the same reliability.

Veeco Filaments

Part # 0103-141-01 Tungsten  (Min. 2 pcs.)   WSG offers an exchange program for your Filaments. These  Filaments are hand cleaned, polished, aligned and assembled to assure high reliability and performance.


New or Send Yours in for Repair or Recalibration
Helium Leak Standards are available in 10E-6 to 10E-10 range with or without NIST Traceability. Internal or external leaks. Standard adapters include 1 1/8", and 5/8" compression. Special adapters include KF/NW-25 or -40, any compression size, or what ever you need. Please contact us and get a Quote.

Bell Jars and Baseplates
Bell Jars and base plates allow you to test larger hermetically sealed parts. These components give you another option in leak detection

Flapper Box
This production leak detection option allows you to test smaller hermetically sealed components. Different sizes are available, by using the correct size you eliminate wasted time during the pump down sequence.

Bombing Chambers
Helium pressurization of hermetically sealed parts. WSG manufactures a variety of sizes. These stainless steel chambers use an o-ring for the pressure and vacuum seal. Controls include, -30" to 125PSI compound gauge, vacuum, helium, vent, and purge valves. For saftey a pop off valve is used to prevent over pressurization.

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