Stainless Steel Bell Jars

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Stainless Steel Bell Jars are a good alernate to Glass. Stainless Steel Bell Jars can be purchased in any deameter you require, as opposed to Glass Bell Jars which are limited to standard sizes up to 18" OD. The initial investment is more, but they will take far more abuse. View ports, Feedthru's, lifting devices, almost anything can be added to a SS Jar. A standard o-ring creates the vacuum seal, in lieu of an L-gasket, yielding far less elastomer within the vacuum area. WSG can supply any size to fit your testing requirements.
1518-18SS Bell Jar with a 4" Pyrex view port 18" OD x 18" Tall a
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1518-24SS Bell Jars with 4-3 1/2"
CFF and 5-2 3/4" CFF.
18" OD x 24" Tall
1524-24SS Bell Jar with 10"
view port. 24" OD x 24" Tall

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